Turtle Tough sensor technology

Intelligently designed to perform in extreme applications

Front-end connection3/4" or 1" MNPT

Back-end connection3/4”, 1” or 11/4" MNPT

Connectivity• Cable length; 6m standard, optional up to 1000m
• Hard wired or quick connect plugs

Electronic technologies• Analogue NO preamplifier
• Analogue WITH preamplifier
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Direct Smart Sensor with onboard

Waterproofing sealing options

Protects cable
from damage
and process

Provides complete
back-end isolation
from process for
long life when
fully submersed

Combines standard
waterproofing &
cable protection

solvent and
gas resistance

thermal &


CPVCCost effective
for less extreme

Body plasticsChoose body plastics that are compatible with
your application. Material selection is matched to your
application requirements.

pH measurement sensor element

Reference• Ionically conductive solid-state reference system
• No gels or liquid electrolytes
• Large surface area for reduced fouling
• Built to chemically resist a wide range of contaminants
• Double and triple junctions provide superior lifetime
• Highly resistant to aggressive gases

Ultra tough break resistant pH glass• Incredible chemical resistance
• High stability, low drift characteristics
• Resists abrasion and high velocity solids
• Virtually unbreakable for the intended application

Other sensing

Platinum ORP
sensor element

Dissolved Oxygen
sensor element

Optical sensor

sensor element

ISE sensor


TurtleTough  pH & ORP TOUGH Sensors

The original:
Tough Series Sensors

Built to withstand the toughest process environments in the world.

Until recently, analogue signal was the only signal available. The Tough Series' analogue output interfaces with a range of traditional analysers and transmitters.

This range of sensors have been used for decades in a huge range of industries where extreme processes require extremely tough sensors. Turtle Tough sensors are the preferred chemical measurement solution in high pressure, high temperature, abrasive and aggressive media.

“Our Tough Series Sensors are designed to be rugged, extremely strong and resistant to a wide range of extreme chemical processes, temperatures and pH levels.”


Turtle Tough pH & ORP Smart sensors

The evolution:
Smart Series Sensors

Built with Direct Smart Sensors technology (DSS), stores and processes all data on the sensor.

Turtle Tough’s range of Smart Series Sensors are built with the same rugged, extremely strong design as our Tough range. They resist a wide range of extreme chemical processes, temperatures and pH levels.
So what changed? They are unbeatably tough sensors, paired with unprecedented connectivity and control.

“Our Smart Series Sensors are equipped with an on-board microprocessor, capable of processing measurement data and providing a feature rich digital MODBUS RTU output directly from the sensor.”

Analogue sensors interface with traditional analogue transmitters and analysers. Chosen to meet your system requirements.

Compatible Devices
TurtleTough TT MA pH ORP Analyser 640x640
Modular Analyser System

Create a multi-parameter analyser with any combination of our analytical modules: pH, ORP, temperature,dissolved oxygen and conductivity.


Tough Series analogue sensors will interface with many other leading brands* of analyser.
*please check for compatibility

Junction Boxes
TurtleTough Analogue Junction Box 640x640
Analogue Junction Box

Allow Smart Sensors to be easily connected to network devices up to 1000m away.

Interface directly to any modern industrial network that accepts a digital MODBUS RTU signal.

Compatible Devices
TurtleTough PLC Controller 6Channel 640x640
DSS Multi-Channel PLC Controller

Provides connectivity for up to six sensors. Available in 2, 3 and 6 channel configurations

TurtleTough 6080EX ExplosionProof Transmitter 640x640
DSS 6080EX-Rated Transmitter/Controller

Accepts up to 8 sensor inputs and provides a stunning super bright LED display, while outputting MODBUS RTU to your network

TurtleTough DSS Interface Box 640x640
Digital Sensor Interface Box

Allows Smart series sensors to interface directly to your PC via our Windows Software. Calibrate, configure and data log directly from your PC

TurtleTough Handheld Field Communicator 640x640
DSS Handheld Field Communicator

For field calibration and configuration. Provides a portable interface to your Smart Sensor. Calibrate, configure and retrieve vital information fromy our Smart Sensor.

Junction Boxes
TurtleTough Analogue Junction Box 640x640
DSS Junction Box

Junctions boxes provide plug n play connectivity for smart sensors and allow extended cable runs up to1000m.  Available in 1, 3 & 6 channelconfigurations