Sensor Care

How to store a Turtle Tough pH or ORP sensor

Follow these simple storage steps to ensure your  Turtle Tough pH/ORP sensor's longevity. 


 Step 1.  Always store pH or ORP sensors in a cool and dry location.keep ph orp sensor cool dry

Step 2. All Turtle Tough sensors come with our conditioning solution inside the cap. If you are storing the sensor, this conditioning solution must be present. Contact us if you need to purchase some or make your own by mixing 50% pH 4 buffer with 50% saturated potassium chloride. KCl is the same electrolyte used in our reference systems.

sensor conditioning solution

  Step 3. Sensors should always be stored with their rubber cap tightly affixed and sealed with PVC tape to ensure that the sensor's tip remains moist.

Step 4. The orientation of the sensor is of utmost importance. Always store it with the sensor tip (sensing element) pointing downwards to make the silver chloride solution stay in contact with the glass bulb, keeping it hydrated. Follow these simple steps to ensure that your Turtle Tough sensor remains in working order for 12 months or more. Remember to store your pH or ORP sensor if you don’t need to use it right away, or you are using it intermittently.

store ph orp sensor this way