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Benefits of the Smart Sensor Technology

The shift to processing information directly onboards the sensor has had a significant impact on how we perform process measurement in the field. Some considerable advantages have resulted from the sensor being “smart”, some of which include:

  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs 
    There is now no longer a requirement for intermediary analyser hardware. With transmitters often costing thousands of dollars each and bearing the inherent risk of obsolescence, eliminating the need for an additional piece of hardware is a huge incentive to directly integrate sensors for large scale installations.

  • Improved Maintenance Practices 
    Calibrate sensors anywhere, in the convenience of a laboratory or workshop. The days of performing calibrations connected to an analyser to store calibration information are over. No more cleaning and calibrating in-situ under adverse environmental conditions. Now you can take your sensors back to the workshop to clean and calibrate them efficiently in batches while you have fresh sensors installed on rotation. This maintenance regime is called hot swapping and it saves our customers more than 50% of the manpower involved with traditional sensor maintenance. Click here to learn more about the Hot Swap sensor maintenance regime.  

  • Improved Sensor Management 
    Obtain important information directly from the sensor such as last calibration date, time in service, sensor health and diagnostics. This key data will give you a clear understanding of the impact of the process upon the sensor and how your staff manage the maintenance. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions around operational changes to optimise your measurement practices.

  • Low Power Consumption 
    Smart Sensors can operate from as little as 20mA* current draw. This is an amazing benefit for remote applications that operate from the battery or solar power.

  • Long Transmission Capabilities
    Smart Sensor can support cable distances of up to 1000m

What Makes Smart Sensors Different?

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All Turtle Tough sensors with Smart Sensor Technology are equipped with an integral onboard microprocessor that computes temperature-compensated measurement values, stores calibration data and provides a stream of data-rich parameters. These unique features of the Smart technology allow you to manage the health and performance of your sensors while maintaining an even closer eye on your process.

Turtle Tough Smart Sensors can perform all functions usually performed by an external analyser or transmitter due to the onboard microprocessor and memory chip on the sensor’s body. They are designed to store calibration information directly to the sensor and output a fully calibrated digital signal. You’ll no longer need traditional analyser hardware to perform this task. Smart sensors can store historical information such as:

  • Time in service
  • Calibration intervals
  • Service conditions
  • The diagnostic information that records changes to the sensor

These essential data gives you an insight into what was previously unrecorded, allowing you to make critical improvements in the process measurement approach.

We use MODBUS Open-Source Communication Protocol


SmartTech Page Modbus Protocol

Turtle Tough’s technology is broadly accessible compared to technologies used by other manufacturers. Our Direct Smart technology (DSS) is open source, rather than closed source proprietary technology. Our DSS sensors provide a MODBUS RTU output that can be integrated into virtually any PLC or compatible industrial network. This means NO MORE “lock-in” vendor-specific hardware, allowing you to freely interface with any MODBUS enabled device. MODBUS has become a de facto standard communication protocol and is a commonly available means of connecting industrial electronic devices. MODBUS is popular in industrial environments because it is openly published and royalty-free. It was developed for industrial applications, is relatively easy to deploy and maintain compared to other standards. 
For our complete guide and detailed instructions on how to integrate our sensors directly into your existing hardware, please click here to see our Implementatio Guide.

The Most Complete Sensor Solution 

SmartTech Page Complete Sensor solution

Turtle Tough provides a complete ecosystem of controllers, interfaces, communication and installation hardware to implement our Smart Sensor technology in the most convenient way possible.

  • Sophisticated controllers and digital display systems
  • Data Management Solutions such as loggers, remote access and cloud-based data management systems
  • Plug n Play Connectivity throughout our range of installation hardware, including cables, connectors and junction boxes for easy installation
  • Convenient Communication Hardware to communicate with Smart Sensors
  • Innovative Installation Hardware to mate the sensor with the process
  • Intelligent software for sensor and data management
  • Comprehensive Installation and Technical Support Guides

Communication & Data Management Solutions

For most of our customers, the most important outcome from purchasing high-quality sensors is obtaining quality data that they can rely on to make process-related decisions. These could result in millions of dollars worth of savings or productivity gains. In recognising the sole importance of data management and user connectivity accessibility, we have developed great communication tools to make sensor and data management simple than ever before.

Handheld Field Communicator (HFC)

The Handheld Field Communicator is a convenient, field-based tool for basic sensor management that allows you to communicate with any pH/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen and Conductivity sensor with DSS technology. The HFC provides you with the essential service parameters and the ability to calibrate and configure sensors with the convenience of a field-portable handheld device.

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Smart Sensor Communication Hub & Management Software 

Our Smart Sensor communication Hub and management software allow you to configure and calibrate the sensor directly on your PC. The software enables you to view the sensor readings in real-time, which is ideal for lab or benchtop based work without the need for a benchtop meter or analyser. You also have complete access to sensor diagnostics and critical sensor information for determining sensor health and lifetime. A central part of the software allows you to perform calibrations as well as print calibration reports.

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Cloud Remote Monitoring System

Upload all your data in real-time to our cloud-based hosting platform where all your data can be displayed in a convenient and easy to read dashboard. This provides you with a comprehensive view of your entire process all at once from virtually anywhere in the world. 

Site Sentinel Data Logger + RTU
This state-of-the-art data logger has been configured to work directly with Turtle Tough Smart Sensors and provides a highly reliable, direct-to-host data monitoring system in a single package. Ideal for utilities, environmental, and remote monitoring applications with limited infrastructure.

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Digital Display Systems & Controllers

We offer a range of controllers and digital display systems as an option when direct integration is not desired. From local displays to advanced multichannel touchscreen controllers we cover everyone’s budget and needs. 




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Multichannel Touchscreen Controllers

Our state-of-the-art controllers behave like a traditional analyser yet provide all the benefits of the Smart Sensor technology, with superior advanced communication and data management. The multichannel touchscreen controllers feature continuous data logging and come with a built-in VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server. The VNC server allows the HMI to be remotely monitored from a number of devices including personal computers (PC), tablets, and mobile phones. The same computers can issue email alerts, as well as FTP comms for remote access to data.

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Plug 'n' Play Connectivity

Quick connect plugs allow smart sensors to seamlessly connect across the interface and transmit up to 1000m. Our connecting hardware makes installation a breeze as all our connectors, extension leads, junction boxes and interface cables provide instant connectivity to anywhere in your plant without needing an electrician.

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Installation & Technical Guides

We offer comprehensive guides, videos and instruction manuals to help you integrate our Smart sensors into your process.