Turbidity System for NTU Turbidity System for NTU

Turbidity System for NTU


With Turtle Tough range of Suspended Solids/Turbidity analysers, you get the world’s first sensor to successfully incorporate four measuring technologies. For multiple measuring ranges, the one sensor can monitor Turbidity and Suspended Solids from 10 NTU to 2%* solids in one sensor.

  • Auto clean optical sensor
  • Stable and reliable excellent process control
  • Suitable for all potable, waste and process waters
  • Up to 6 months between maintenance & Up to 3 months between calibration
  • From 10 NTU to 2%* Solids
  • Up to 10 Bar

Each probe is equipped with 2 light sources and 3 detectors. Each light source uses long-life emitters (at least 20,000 operating hours), and these are turned off when not required to conserve energy and extend the life. By using multiple light emitters and detectors in a single probe it is possible to:

  • Measure solids from 10 NTU to 2%* solids
  • Monitor and compensate for fouling of the optics
  • Monitor and compensate for aging of the optics
  • Measure the side scattering of light (ISO7027 requires a 90? side scatter measurement).
  • Measure transmitted light (low % solids)
  • Measure the backscatter of light (higher % solids)

The electronics provide a fully scalable output allowing the sensor to measure any part or the whole of the measurement range. The sensor probe comes equipped with the capability of having a water jet regularly sweep over the optical lenses keeping them clean.

If you have an application that ranges from low NTU all the way to % solids then the Turtle Tough Turbidity Analyser is the system to choose. With only 3 or 4 calibration points you can accurately monitor your process all the way from low NTU to 2%* solids.

The sensors are stainless steel and are built to work in demanding environments. If you want to monitor solids at any point in your wastewater treatment plant, this instrument has the self-cleaning sensor and accessories to do it. The Turtle Tough Turbidity Analyser has proven particularly effective in MLSS, RAS and SAS measurements (Mixed Liquid Suspended Solids, Return Activated Sludge and Surplus Activated Sludge).