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TOUGH Series Digital Smart Immersion Turbidity Sensor

TOUGH Series Digital Smart Immersion Turbidity Sensor


The TOUGH Series Digital Smart Immersion Turbidity Sensor with 90° IR Beam combines smart sensor technology with industry-leading optical measurement for a highly cost-effective turbidity solution



  • Smart Turbidity Immersion Sensor 90°IR Scattered light method
  • Smart Sensor Technology directly integrates with your industrial network or with Turtle Tough Smart Analysers
  • High-quality materials and superior construction for industrial applications.
  • Highly stable near-monochromatic infrared light source avoids the interference of chroma in liquid and external visible light influence
  • Built-in luminosity compensation provides improved measurement accuracy
  • High-quality quartz lens greatly improves the optical transmittance allowing for superior transmission and absorption of infrared wavelengths
  • Optional ranges: 0.1 - 400/2000/4000 NTU 
  • High stability, high precision and excellent reproducibility
  • Communication: MODBUS RTU (RS-485) 

Few sensors can boast the versatility, low maintenance and industrial-strength that the TT-NTU-DSS-7830D turbidity sensor has to offer. The sensor body is made of 316L stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and extremely durable. A titanium version is also available for seawater applications or environments with high levels of corrosion.

The IP68 waterproof design can be fully immersed for continuous turbidity measurement in a wide variety of industrial applications including water quality monitoring, municipal water, industrial process water, cooling water, activated carbon filter effluent and membrane filtration effluent just to name a few.

The TT-NTU-DSS-7830D comes complete with a fully automatic sensor wiper. This self-cleaning function effectively prevents solid particles from building up on the lens, not only reducing the maintenance requirement, but greatly improving measurement accuracy over the long term. The self-cleaning function can be set according to the application requirements to provide stable data and reliable performance, while the built-in diagnostic functions greatly simplifies the sensor management.

The principle of the Turtle Tough Smart Digital Turbidity sensor is based on the combined infrared absorption and scattered light method. The ISO7027 method can be used to continuously and accurately determine the turbidity value. According to ISO7027 infrared double-scattering light technology is not affected by chromaticity to determine the sludge concentration value.


Product name TOUGH Series Digital Smart Immersion Turbidity Sensor
Code TT-NTU-DSS-7830D
Output communication RS485 MODBUS RTU
Measurement mode 90°IR scattered light method
Dimensions Diameter 50mm*Length 223mm
Housing material POM+316 Stainless steel
Waterproof rating IP68
Measurement range 0.1-400/2000/4000 NTU
Measurement accuracy ±5% or 0.5NTU, whichever is greater
Pressure Rating ≤ 44 PSIG
Measuring temperature  0-45℃
Calibration Standard liquid calibration, water sample calibration
Cable length  Standard 10m. Optional lengths available on request
Thread  3/4” MNPT
Weight  1.0 Kg
Application  General industrial applications, rivers, lakes, environmental monitoring, water quality, etc.





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