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Fully Submersible pH Sensor

Ultra Tough


Sensor for ULTRA Tough Applications - Aggressive Media Resistant

The ULTRA TOUGH series sensors utilise our very best materials and technologies to work in the harshest of conditions. Ultra Tough sensors have a wide variety of build options that allows us to customise this sensor exactly for your application so you get a purpose built sensor that will outperform all others. Customer’s who choose Ultra Tough products can work with our engineers to tailor a site specific solution.

  • Designed for aggressive media and extremely tough applications
  • Direct Smart Sensor Technology with MODBUS RTU output
  • The world’s toughest break resistant glass
  • Solid State KYNAR reference
  • Impact and chemically resistant RADEL body plastics
  • Temperature range: - 5°C to 105°C Standard (Optional -35°C to 150°C)
  • pH range: 0 – 14 pH
  • Submersible, Immersion and Inline configurations
  • Inbuilt Acid/Fluoride, Ammonia, Cyanide, Chlorine and Sulphide Gas Resistance
  • Wide range of options to suit any application
Available Configurations Description Suffix
Turtle Tough SMART2 Fully Submersible pH Sensor
Fully Submersible pH Sensor
Fully Submersible Sensor: 3/4" front end x 1" Back end MNPT, Radel Body complete with standard waterproofing for fully submersible applications SUB
Turtle Tough SMART2 Twist Lock Inline pH Sensor
Inline Twist Lock pH Sensor
Inline Twist Lock Sensor: Double O-Ring seals for inline interface & 1" MNPT for immersion/submersible interface TWL
Turtle Tough SMART2 Sanitary Inline pH Sensor
Inline Sanitary or Hot Tap pH Sensor
Inline Sanitary or Hot Tap Sensor: Double O-Ring seals for inline interface & 3/4" MNPT for securing into sensor holder SAN

Ultra TOUGH series sensors can be customised to suit your application. Your Turtle Tough representative will assist you in determining what upgrades might be necessary from the base sensor specification. The following list provides a description of the available upgrades and how they might benefit your application.

Triple Junction Triple junction adds another layer of junction protection to the standard double junction sensor. In applications that suffer from high levels of reference poisoning this can add significant life. TJ
Dehydration Resistant A modified reference system that is capable of being left dry for long periods of time and subject to intermittent periods of wetness. Changes to Sensor Specification:
Min Conductivity: 1000 uS/cm
Temperature range: – 5°C to 105°C
Extreme Cold A modified reference system that is capable of operating at sub zero temperatures. Changes to Sensor Specification:
Temperature range : -35 ° C to 125°C
Min conductivity: 1000uS/cm.
Organic Media Resistant This option adds Teflon silicon sealant plus an organic media resistant junction. This is required whenever organic media or solvents are present. OM
Sodium Resistant For brine applications with saturated levels of sodium ions this special glass formulation will provide superior measurement performance SR
Zinc Resistant For zinc applications with high levels of zinc ions this special glass formulation will provide superior measurement performance. ZR
High HF Resistant Glass For applications with High levels of Hydrofluoric acid, this special glass formulation will provide superior measurement performance. HF
High Temperature Adds additional resistance to the reference system to prevent it from premature damage at high temperatures. Additionally 4m of high temperature resistant norprene tubing is used to encapsulate the sensor cabling.
Changes to Sensor Specification:
-5°C to 125°C for fully submersible sensor or hot-tap inline
-5°C to 135°C for Twistlock and Sanitary and Hot Tap sensor
PEEK Body Upgrade Upgrade Body to PEEK. Required for special applications for resistance to heat and/or certain types of media. Only to be optioned if recommended by Turtle Tough. PK
Cable Protection 4m of vinyl tubing encapsulates the sensor cabling for added protection from harsh environments or strain relief on cable. CP
12m Cable Increases the standard cable length from 6m to 12m. For distances greater than 12m, cable extension leads are available in 6, 12 and 24 metre lengths. For cable runs up to 1000m a junction box should be used (See accessories). 12M

Direct Smart Sensors (DSS) with Digital MODBUS RTU Output


Turtle Tough’s range of Direct Smart Sensors (DSS) are equipped with an on-board microprocessor which is capable of processing measurement data and providing a feature rich digital MODBUS RTU output directly from the sensor. This enables the sensor to be directly interfaced with any MODBUS compatible data acquisition device, such as a PLC, RTU or data logger. Direct connectivity eliminates the need to interface with a traditional intermediary controller or analyser and provides unprecedented communication and control directly with the sensor.

Process more than a dozen parameters with Direct Smart Sensors including:

  • Measurement type
  • Calibration data
  • Raw and calibrated process values
  • Max/min temperature
  • Baud rate
  • Node
  • Serial number...

As well as useful service information such as the number of days in use. These values can be intelligently integrated into your data acquisition system to achieve a very sophisticated level of analysis and control.


Why is this different?

Smart onboard data processing presents us with a number of unique advantages that are not possible with a traditional sensor and transmitter configuration. This includes:

  • The ability to interface directly to modern PLC controllers and data acquisition systems
    • Utilise existing powerful architecture; or
    • Utilise factory supplied custom programmed PLC’s, Transmitters & Controllers
    • Access data remotely through both wired and wireless networks
turtletough dss 6080ex proof
DSS Explosion Proof Transmitter/Controller - Connect up to 8 Smart sensors
  • The ability to eliminate the cost of a mating transmitter where a local display is not necessary
    • Intelligent management of sensor calibrations and service life cycle
    • Calibrate sensors offline in the laboratory or workshop
    • Offset calibrations can be done remotely with the sensor left in service
    • Accurately monitor service intervals and calibration history
dss pc interface box sensor
  • The intelligent Handheld Field Communicator provides easy-to-use portable connectivity for calibration and configuration of all Smart Sensors
dss handheld field communicator connected to a sensor handheld field communicator
Handheld Field Communicator - For field calibration and configuration of Smart Sensors.
  • Quick connectors eliminate hard wiring and provide system-wide plug n play compatibility to ALL interfacing components including the handheld field communicator, junction boxes, extension cables, transmitters and controllers.
  • Smart digital sensors ensure reliable operation even in noisy process environments
  • Supports cable runs of up to 1000m with no degradation in signal
  • Windows PC Software directly communicates with sensors for calibration, configuration, and data logging.
quick connect plugs
Female and male Quick Connectors provide
instant connectivity to all DSS compatible
devices and eliminate the need for hard wiring.
dss report detail
Calibration Report using windows PC Software
dss interface box
DSS Interface Box To connect to your PC

About the technology

Turtle Tough’s DSS technology is supported by comprehensive documentation. Our software allows users to access all user adjustable parameters, analytic data, calibration functions as well as sending fully compensated high-resolution process values. Sensor analytics enable operators to schedule proactive maintenance and provide accurate and timely information on the process. The Modbus RTU protocol has been specifically chosen as it is an open standard that creates an open and collaborative environment for process automation and liquid analysis. This provides a level of connectivity and integration that is not possible with closed architectures and proprietary platforms that force vendor lock-in.


TURTLE TOUGH DIRECT SMART SENSORS (DSS) are fully supported by a range of factory hardware solutions including SMART Analysers, Handheld Field Communicators, PC Communication tools and field implementation devices such as junction boxes, extensions leads and power supplies. This ecosystem provides a complete solution of reliable connectivity and sensor management.

TURTLE TOUGH sensors may also be directly interfaced with end user hardware via the MODBUS RTU protocol. Integrating sensors directly into your industrial network requires a moderate to high level of onsite expertise in system integration, and should not be undertaken by anyone without the requisite experience. We suggest you read the sensor implementation guide carefully to understand the full scope and requirement for installation, because:

  1. Turtle Tough Pty Ltd and their representatives can provide only limited factory support when integrating sensors into 3rd party hardware.
  2. Product support is limited to the information provided in our field implementation notes and guidelines.
  3. Turtle Tough and their representatives are unable to provide support on 3rd party hardware or provide troubleshooting on equipment not supplied by us. We are unable to warrant the performance or compatibility of our product with 3rd party hardware or software. If you intend to integrate the sensor directly with your own hardware we highly recommend the following:
  • Read the Field Installation Guide and Sensor Implementation Guide.
  • Purchase a handheld field communicator (HFC) from Turtle Tough. This stand alone device, self powers the sensor and provides complete diagnostics and communication. The HFC allows us to independently test and verify the sensor performance, independent of your system or hardware and is the single fastest way to rule out any sensor performance issues and be able to identify field installation problems.
  • Alternatively, you may purchase a windows PC interface box. Once again, this factory supplied and tested component will ensure reliable communication with the sensor and it can be tested independently of your system.

Please note that our quick connect plugs my never be cut or removed from the sensor. This will immediately void warranty. Only use Turtle Tough factory interface leads or panel mount connectors to interface with your hardware.


Turtle Tough DSS Smart Sensor Setup – 1.43 Software2.57 MB