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Precision Precision



Sensor for PRECISE MEASUREMENT Applications

The PRECISION series sensors are a highly accurate and durable sensor for clean applications that require lab-like precision but with industrial capabilities. This series has a highly responsive solid state reference combined with our tough industrial glass making this sensor extremely effective for budget conscious applications when glass or lab grade electrodes just aren't up to the task. By using more affordable materials of construction, without compromising on our core technology, this is an excellent sensor choice for mild industrial applications that don’t require the expense or performance of our TOUGH series sensors.

  • Double Junction HDPE reference
  • Tough Glass
  • CPVC body plastics
  • Direct MODBUS Output
  • 6m Cable with Quick Connect plugs.
CPVC 3/4" Front MNPT x 3/4" Rear MNPT Inline Sensor CPVC
RYTON 1/2" Front MNPT x 3/4" Rear MNPT Inline Sensor RYTON
12m Cable Increases the standard cable length from 6m to 12m. 12M