Steam Sterilisable Sensor

  • For Steam Sterilisable Applications: Pharmaceutical, fermentation, food & beverage
  • Withstand temperatures up to 130 deg C
  • Advanced Teflon diaphragm with oversized sealing
  • High-stability liquid junction
  • High resistance to contamination and blocking
  • The polymer Reference system is low maintenance and does not require refilling
  • Very Fast Response
  • PG13.5 Thread
  • Convenient plug-n-play connector (5 or 10m cables sold separately)
  • PT1000 RTD
  • Analogue Sensors compatible with common brands of analysers



TurtleTough TT MA RH 

Extreme sensors call for extreme analysers and the Turtle Tough range has been designed with exactly that in mind. Whatever the application, we have a range of Smart analysers and control options to interface with your DSS sensors. Click to view our range...

Interface Hardware

TurtleTough TT MA RH 

We have a range of Digital Smart System accesories to interface, calibrate and communicate with your DSS sensors. Click to view our range...