Precision Sensor CPVC ¾”” x ¾” MNPT Sensor and DSS 6080EX Explosion Proof Transmitter Precision Sensor CPVC ¾”” x ¾” MNPT Sensor and DSS 6080EX Explosion Proof Transmitter
Precision Sensor CPVC ¾”” x ¾” MNPT Sensor and DSS 6080EX Explosion Proof Transmitter



Sensor for PRECISE MEASUREMENT Applications

The PRECISION sensor series features our unique compact reference system that provides outstanding performance in light-duty applications. With a wide variety of reference materials to choose from, we can customise the performance specifically for your application, resulting in an economical, high-performance sensor. It features our TOUGH glass for excellent break resistance and measurement stability.

  • Digital Smart Sensor Technology
  • Compact, economical junction design
  • Select performance materials
  • TOUGH break-resistant glass
  • High precision & durability for light-duty applications




Turtle Tough's PRECISION sensor series is highly accurate and durable for light-duty applications. Utilising our market-leading technology in a more compact footprint, they are economical while still retaining our superior performance characteristics.

This series has a highly responsive solid-state reference combined with our tough industrial glass, making this sensor extremely effective when glass or lab-grade electrodes suffer breakages, drift or unsustainable cleaning and calibration schedules. It is an excellent sensor choice for industrial applications that don’t require the performance of the Tough and Ultra Tough series sensors.

Customise for your process
Our PRECISION pH and ORP sensors are available with the following options that allow you to configure the sensor for your application: 

  • ¾” x ¾” MNPT, CPVC body
  • ½”x ¾” MNPT, Ryton body
  • 6m Cable length (12m  & 24m optional)
  • Temperature compensation 

Smart Sensor Technology
Smart Sensors have revolutionised the way our customers manage and maintain sensors. Unlike most other smart sensors, Turtle Tough provide you with the option of a propriety digital signal or an open-source Modbus RTU signal that is universally accepted. This allows the sensor to be directly connected to your industrial network without the need for proprietary hardware. Turtle Tough also provide state-of-the-art analysers and controllers should you require a sophisticated turnkey control solution. Smart sensors have the added benefit of storing a detailed performance history and diagnostics on-board enabling superior sensor management. Sensors can be cleaned and calibrated offline to facilitate a hot-swapping maintenance regime.



Sensor name PRECISION
Measuring type pH ORP
Sensor installation types Inline Sensor: Ryton 3/4" front inline thread. Low fouling sensor tip, NO guard tip, TC in the sensor body. (INL)
Immersion Sensor: Ryton  3/4"x3/4" body, guard tip, TC in the sensor body. (IMR)
Submersible Sensor: Ryton  3/4"x3/4"  body with Backend Waterproofing for a fully submersible waterproof assembly, guard tip, TC in the sensor body. (SUB)
Output types DSS SMART Sensors with DSS output provide a feature-rich open-source Modbus RTU output directly from the sensor. This enables the sensor to interface directly with a PLC or compatible data acquisition device. Compatible with ALL "DSS" designated hardwired.
PD SMART Sensors with PD output provide a closed source proprietary digital signal to connect with dedicated Turtle Tough hardware. Compatible with ALL "PD" designated hardware.
Pressure for Immersion  Sensor rating 100 psi. (690 kPa)
Temperature range -5°C to 75°C
Junction material Kynar (Poly-Vinylidene-Fluoride), HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)
Cable length 6m (12m & 24m optional)
Temperature compensation Pt1000
Connection Quick Connect Plug - 4PIN (NEMA 6P)
pH/ORP range 0 to 14 pH ±1000 mV Absolute. Optional, wide range ±2,000 mV Absolute
Measuring element type Proprietary Tough Glass Platinum ball in the low profile configuration
Element dimensions 8.0mm (0.315”) Diameter 5.0mm (0.197”) Diameter
Initial impedance N/A
Sodium-ion error < 0.15 pH in saturated Na⁺ solutions at pH 14.00 N/A
Acidic errors < 0.05 pH in HCl solutions at 0.00 pH N/A
Reference type Double Junction
Reference half cell Ag/AgCl saturated KCl
Primary junction Porous Ceramic, Saturated KCl in Cross-linked polymer, interfaced to the secondary junction
Secondary junction Solid-state non-porous cross-linked polymer embedded in Kynar support matrix holds excess KCl assuring saturation at all temps for stability and long sensor service life
Special features Acid/Fluoride, Ammonia, Chlorine and Sulphide gas resistant
Storage Keep at room temperature with a closed protector cap, filled with a storage solution in an upright position
Warranty 12 Month Conditional Warranty. Visit


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TurtleTough TT MA RH 

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