Yokogawa Replacement pH / ORP Sensor

Yokogawa compatible pH & ORP Sensor


The Yokogwa compatible pH & ORP sensor for OEM replacement is compatible with all Yokogawa analysers that have an analogue input (even digital models). 



  • Yokogawa compatible pH & ORP Sensor
  • Outlasts OEM by up to 10 times 
  • RADEL with ¾” MNPT Back-end
  • -5°C to 105°C
  • High capacity polypropylene reference
  • 7.5m cable
  • Coat Resistant Materials
  • Reduce Fouling
  • Acid/Fluoride Resistant
  • Immersible, Submersible if threaded on sealed immersion rod with sufficient sealing tape
  • Triple junction
  • Solution ground
  • Special low impedence glass to suit Yokogawa

Turtle Tough's JYC ph & orp sensor is compatible with all Yokogawa analysers that have an analogue input. For more than 20 years our OEM replacement  pH and ORP sensors have provided our customers with superior performance and longevity  in harsh applications.  The chemical and physical resistance provides a superior service life of up to 10 times that of an ordinary sensor. In nearly all cases our customers report less drift and significantly less maintenance and the reason they keep using Turtle Tough... a significantly lower cost of ownership.

The high capacity solid-state polypropylene reference junction provides superior chemical resistance to sulphides and other dissolved gases. The standard sensor utilises a triple junction reference. The sensor is built with Pt1000 integrated temperature compensation element and integral solution ground so that it interfaces seamlessly with the Yokogawa analysers.

Our toughest Turtle Tough pH glasses have higher impedance which can be rejected prematurely by the Yokogawa analyser thinking that it is "old". By utilising a special glass formulation we have made a low impedance glass that falls within the impedance input limits for the Yokogawa Analysers. While we are limited in design by the electronics of the analyser, our OEM replacement sensor is guaranteed to outlast the original many times over. For extreme applications that require our extreme slurry/abrasion resistant, zinc resistant, or High HF resistant glass and different analyser will need to be considered.

Recommended applications include:

  • IndustrialChemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Wastewater

Any measurement where aggressive chemical cleaning is needed to remove fouling or low-maintenance operation is required with minimal cleaning and re-calibration.


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