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Digital Smart Hydroponics pH Sensor

Digital Smart Hydroponics pH Sensor


The Turtle ToughDigital Smart Hydroponics pH Sensor is specifically designed for large-scale agricultural operations. Optimised for sensitivity and budget, this smart sensor technology communicates directly with data acquisition and control systems to dramatically reduce the costs associated with large-scale agricultural monitoring.


The Turtle Tough Digital Smart Hydroponics pH Sensor has changed how we perform pH monitoring in large scale agricultural operations. Unlike a traditional sensor, the Smart Digital sensor provides a digital output signal that directly integrates with existing data acquisition systems without the need for intermediary devices that once made this an expensive exercise. We have systematically reduced the cost of the sensor by removing unnecessary components for hydroponics applications. As such, you only pay for what you need. A double salt bridge provides long life, while a large PTFE diaphragm ring allows high durability for this relatively light-duty application. A unique feature of this sensor is an oversized glass bulb measuring element that is extremely sensitive, fast response and stable.

The sensor's polypropylene body has incredibly high mechanical strength and resilience. It is also resistant to various organic solvents, strong acids and alkalis. The Smart Digital Sensor with direct MODBUS RTU output can directly interface with your industrial network or connect with our range of communication hardware, including our Windows PC software interface and range of compatible Smart Devices. 



Sensor name Digital Smart Hydroponics pH Sensor
Code TT-HYDRO-pH-DSS-1701D
Output communication RS485 MODBUS RTU
Measure material Glass/silver+ silver chloride
Housing material Polypropylene
Waterproof grade IP68
Measurement range 0-14 pH
Accuracy ±0.25pH
Pressure resistance ≤0.3Mpa (44 psi)
Temperature compensation Integral
Temperature range 0-60℃
Connection Smart Digital Quick Connect Plugs
Cable length 10m (optional lengths available)
Installation thread  3/4" MNPT
Application Hydroponics, Agriculture

 Important: Please note, this is a commercial-grade industrial product and is not intended or designed to be used for domestic or hobby purposes. Automation and system integration skills are required to use this product.


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TurtleTough TT MA RH 

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