Pure Water Sensor


The Turtle Tough Pure Water pH sensor is designed for pure water applications with low conductivity. Utilising a highly sensitive, low impedance glass membrane, combined with our superior polymer reference system the resulting sensor proves to be both highly responsive and low maintenance.

  • For Pure Water Applications where conductivity is >1 uS/cm
  • Advanced Teflon diaphragm with oversized sealing
  • High stability liquid junction
  • High resistance to contamination and blocking
  • Polymer Reference system is low maintenance and does not require refilling
  • Very Fast Response
  • PG13.5 Thread
  • Convenient plug n play connector (5 or 10m cable sold separately)
  • PT1000 RTD
  • Analogue Sensors compatible with common brands of analysers

The Turtle Tough Pure Water sensor is fitted standard with a PG13.5 rear end making it ideal for inline installations. The quick connect rear end cable reduces maintenance time for sensor swap-out and replacement.