CW1 Inline pH Sensor


The Turtle Tough Clean Water 1 sensor is suitable for both inline and immersion applications. It has 3/4" MNPT threads front and rear for interfacing with process connections and is made from a highly chemical resistant PPS (Ryton) body material.

  • Chemically Resistant PPS (Ryton) Body Plastics
  • 3/4"x 3/4" MNPT Process Connections
  • Double Junction
  • Quick Response
  • Temperature Range: 0 to 110°C
  • Pressure: up to 87 psi
  • PT1000 temperature compensator
  • 5m cable

Turtle Tough CW1 Inline pH sensor utilises a large Teflon diaphragm and polymer liquid junction to provide good stability and resistance to contamination. The glass sensing element is extremely fast response and ideal for clean water or moderate waste water applications. This budget-friendly sensor provides outstanding value for money.