pH/ORP Sensors & Analysers

Turtle Tough pH & ORP sensors have been designed to provide peak performance in industrial environments. We have decades of real-world experience in providing superior measurement solutions for tough industrial applications. Our success is the result of our industry leading technology combined with precision engineering that allow us to craft pH and ORP sensors that have some of the best performance characteristics in the industry.

ULTRA Series Digital Smart pH/ORP Sensors

Sensors for Ultra Tough Applications - Aggressive Media Resistant

The ULTRA Series Digital Smart pH/ORP Sensors utilise our very best materials and technologies to work in the harshest of conditions. ULTRA Series sensors have a wide variety of options that allow them to be customised for your application so you get a purpose-built sensor that will outperform all others. Customer’s who choose ULTRA Series products can work with our engineers to tailor an application-specific solution.


TOUGH Series pH/ORP Sensors

Sensors for TOUGH Applications – High Chemical Resistance

The TOUGH Series pH/ORP Sensors are an excellent choice for most industrial applications. The solid-state reference is low maintenance and offers long-lasting performance, while the RYTON body plastics are extremely resistant to chemical attack. The tough glass offers excellent performance across a wide pH range and reduces the expense of costly breakages. The TOUGH Series sensors share common chemistry and are available in immersion, submersible and inline configurations.

  • Designed for high chemical resistance to suit most industrial applications
  • Temperature range: - 5°C to 105°C
  • Low maintenance solid-state Polypropylene reference
  • Tough glass for easy cleaning
  • pH range: 0 - 14 pH 
  • Inbuilt Acid/Fluoride, Sulphide Gas Resistant


PRECISION Series pH/ORP Sensors

Sensor for PRECISE MEASUREMENT Applications

The PRECISION Series pH/ORP Sensors feature our unique compact reference system that provides outstanding performance in light-duty applications. With a wide variety of reference materials to choose from, we can customise the performance specifically for your application, resulting in an economical, high-performance sensor. It features our TOUGH glass for excellent break resistance and measurement stability.

  • Digital Smart Sensor Technology
  • Compact, economical junction design
  • Select performance materials
  • TOUGH break-resistant glass
  • High precision & durability for light-duty applications



Digital Smart Hydroponics pH Sensor

The Turtle ToughDigital Smart Hydroponics pH Sensor is specifically designed for large-scale agricultural operations. Optimised for sensitivity and budget, this smart sensor technology communicates directly with data acquisition and control systems to dramatically reduce the costs associated with large-scale agricultural monitoring.


Digital Smart Moist Soil pH Sensor

The Digital Smart Moist Soil pH Sensor is a game-changer for soil monitoring in large agricultural operations. The integral smart sensor technology has changed the way we communicate with sensors and dramatically reduced the infrastructure costs associated with large-scale mapping of soil pH.


Digital Smart High-Pressure pH Sensor

The Turtle Tough Digital Smart High-Pressure pH Sensor withstands high pressures up to 290 psi (2.0Mpa) in complex industrial environments. The unique glass element provides superior measurement across a wide range of harsh chemical conditions.



TurtleTough TT MA RH 

Extreme sensors call for extreme analysers and the Turtle Tough range has been designed with exactly that in mind. Whatever the application, we have a range of Smart analysers and control options to interface with your DSS sensors. Click to view our range...

Interface Hardware

TurtleTough TT MA RH 

We have a range of Digital Smart System accesories to interface, calibrate and communicate with your DSS sensors. Click to view our range...