pH & ORP

Turtle Tough pH & ORP sensors have been designed to work in the world’s most extreme liquid analysis applications. Our scientists and engineers have had decades of real world experience in developing measurement solutions for tough industrial applications. We have dedicated years to perfecting measurement solutions in precious metal refining such as gold, copper, nickel and zinc. We have also engineered time tested solutions for titanium dioxide production, ammonium nitrate, solvent extraction, and industrial wastewater applications.

Ultra Tough

Sensor for ULTRA Tough Applications - Aggressive Media Resistant

The ULTRA TOUGH series sensors utilise our very best materials and technologies to work in the harshest of conditions. Ultra Tough sensors have a wide variety of build options that allows us to customise this sensor exactly for your application so you get a purpose built sensor that will outperform all others. Customer’s who choose Ultra Tough products can work with our engineers to tailor a site specific solution.

  • Designed for aggressive media and extremely tough applications
  • Direct Smart Sensor Technology with MODBUS RTU output
  • The world’s toughest break resistant glass
  • Solid State KYNAR reference
  • Impact and chemically resistant RADEL body plastics
  • Temperature range: - 5°C to 105°C Standard (Optional -35°C to 150°C)
  • pH range: 0 – 14 pH
  • Submersible, Immersion and Inline configurations
  • Inbuilt Acid/Fluoride, Ammonia, Cyanide, Chlorine and Sulphide Gas Resistance
  • Wide range of options to suit any application


Sensor for TOUGH Applications – High Chemical Resistance

The TOUGH series sensors are an excellent choice for most industrial applications. The solid state reference is low maintenance and offers long lasting performance, while the RYTON body plastics are extremely resistant to chemical attack. The tough glass offers excellent performance across a wide pH range and reduces the expense of costly breakages. The TOUGH Series sensors share a common chemistry and are available in immersion, submersible and inline configurations.

  • Designed for high chemical resistance to suit most industrial applications
  • Direct Smart Sensor Technology with MODBUS RTU output
  • Temperature range: - 5°C to 105°C Standard
  • Low maintenance solid state Polypropylene reference
  • Tough glass for easy cleaning
  • pH range: 0 – 14 pH
  • Immersion, Submersible and Inline configurations
  • Inbuilt Acid/Fluoride, Sulphide Resistant
  • Excellent choice for most industrial applications


Sensor for PRECISE MEASUREMENT Applications

The PRECISION series sensors are a highly accurate and durable sensor for clean applications that require lab-like precision but with industrial capabilities. This series has a highly responsive solid state reference combined with our tough industrial glass making this sensor extremely effective for budget conscious applications when glass or lab grade electrodes just aren't up to the task. By using more affordable materials of construction, without compromising on our core technology, this is an excellent sensor choice for mild industrial applications that don’t require the expense or performance of our TOUGH series sensors.

  • Double Junction HDPE reference
  • Tough Glass
  • CPVC body plastics
  • Direct MODBUS Output
  • 6m Cable with Quick Connect plugs.