TOUGH M4M Dissolved Oxygen Portable System
TOUGH M4M Dissolved Oxygen Portable System TOUGH M4S Dissolved Oxygen Sensor TOUGH M4S Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
TOUGH M4M Dissolved Oxygen Portable System

TOUGH M4M Dissolved Oxygen System - Portable


Forget everything you ever thought you knew about membrane technology. The Turtle Tough, TOUGH M4M Dissolved Oxygen, Portable System is amperometric membrane technology at its best and has proven itself over almost three decades in the toughest mining conditions on the planet.

  • Super Tough membrane technology - no breaks or rips even in the harshest conditions
  • Extra long calibration stability - 3 to 4 months
  • Calibrates easily in the air - no zero solutions
  • Long sensor life - ultra-tough sensors last up to 20 years in clean applications and 5 years in harsh mining slurries
  • Low maintenance - most applications require only annual maintenance
  • Hundreds of mine sites worldwide use this unit



TOUGH M4M Dissolved Oxygen - Portable System

When it comes to TOUGH, nothing surpasses our TOUGH M4M Disolved Oxygen Portable System. For almost 30 years this unit has been used worldwide throughout the mining community, renown for its extreme durability and low maintenance in some of the world’s harshest conditions. Utilising a Teflon membrane there have been many sceptics, tainted by their experience with cheap membrane technology that drifts, is un-repeatable and that fails due to tears and ruptures of the membrane that ultimately contaminate and destroy the sensor.

The Turtle Tough - TOUGH M4M Portable System couldn’t be more different. This German-made technology sets a new benchmark in membrane technology. The Ultra Tough Teflon membranes are resilient to highly abrasive slurries and maintain excellent repeatability and accuracy. The membrane usually only requires replacement annually at the recommended service interval. Calibration stability is an astounding 3-4 months and the units simply calibrate in the air, without any need for zero solutions.

The sensor has an extremely fast response, which is critical for applications that demand accuracy or measure at high ppm. This is especially true for portable units which are often tank dipped or used to measure grab samples. Operators rarely allow the required time for stabilisation, so the fast response of the sensor means less human error and high accuracy. The standard unit is capable of 0-40ppm while 0 to 60ppm is optional.

The TOUGH M4M Portable Dissolved Oxygen analyser is equally at home in the laboratory as it is in the field. It has been designed with this dual-use in mind and powers directly from a 240 volt mains powered cable for full-time lab use. Disconnecting it, the unit has full field portability, with a provision of up to 20 hours of use of battery backup power, and a long 7.5-metre cable that conveniently winds up onto the back of the unit.

The enclosure is seriously tough. Made from ABS plastics in an IP65 enclosure the major components and switches are all replaceable. To this day we still see field serviceable units that are greater than 25 years old. It is truly a testament to the quality and longevity of this model, one that has stood the test of time.


Sensor name TOUGH M4M Dissolved Oxygen Portable System
Part number TOUGH-M4M-DO
O2-Measuring range 0.0 – 40.0 ppm Dissolved Oxygen / 0 - 400%
O2-Accuracy ± 0.5 % of full-scale point
°C-Measuring range 0.0 – 50.0 °C
°C-Accuracy ± 0.1°C, Automatic Temperature Compensation
Recorder outputs 2 simultaneous
O2 : 0.0 – 40.0 ppm / 0 - 400 mV
°C: 0.0 – 50.0 °C / 0 - 500 mV
Power supply 240 V AC / 50/60 Hz - 2 VA Battery with integrated charger
Burden > 100 KΩ
Fuse 0.3 A
Display 13 mm high, 3-1/2-digit LCD
Sensor All  TOUGH Dissolved Oxygen sensors
Calibration Air calibration in the atmosphere
Housing IP65, PVC housing
Dimensions 200 mm x 270 mm x 250 mm (H x W x D) approx.
Weight 2.3 kg approx.
Field case 385 mm x 355 mm x 180 mm (H x W x D) approx.
Weight 1.5 kg approx.


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