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TOUGH Series Digital Smart Conductivity Sensor

TOUGH Series Digital Smart Conductivity Sensor


TOUGH Series Digital Smart Conductivity Sensor TOUGH Series Digital Smart Conductivity Sensor for Pure Water applications.


  • Designed for Pure Water applications as boiler feed water and condensate water
  • Suitable for low-conductivity applications in the semiconductor, power, water and pharmaceutical industries  
  • Cell constant: K=0.01 Temperature range: 0°C to 130°CMeasurement range: -20us/cm   
  • 3/4” MNPT front-thread
  • Made from a combination of FDA-approved fluid-receiving materials
  • SS316 (2 Electrode)
  • Plug n Play Connectivity



Sensor output types

  • Direct Modbus RTU Output (DSS2)

Installation type

  • Inline

Turtle Tough’s Digital Smart Conductivity Sensor for Pure Water is designed for pure water applications such as boiler feed water and condensate water. With Direct Smart Sensor connectivity, the sensor is easily integrated into your plant PLC, DCS or industrial control computers, as well as our range of Turtle Tough controllers and displays. Measuring the specific conductivity of aqueous solutions is critical for determining impurities in water. The measurement accuracy is greatly improved by smart sensor technology that enables the sensor to automatically compensate for temperature variations, polarization of the electrode surface, as well as cable capacitance, even under extreme conditions. Suitable for low conductivity applications in the semiconductor, power, water and pharmaceutical industries, these sensors are compact and easy to use. The sensor can be installed in several ways, one of which is through a compression gland, which is a simple and effective method of direct insertion into the process pipeline. The sensor is also designed with a ¾” MNPT front thread for inline use. The sensor is made from a combination of FDA-approved fluid receiving materials. This makes them ideal for monitoring pure water systems for the preparation of injectable solutions and similar applications. In this application, the sanitary crimping method is used for installation.

Smart Sensor Technology
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Interface Hardware

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