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Fluoride Industrial ISE System - for water quality & fluoridation applications Dual DSS Smart Touchscreen Controller Fluoride Industrial ISE System - for water quality & fluoridation applications

Fluoride Industrial ISE System - for water quality & fluoridation applications


The UltraTough Fluoride-N system is a solid-state fluoride monocrystal and conductive polymer reference technology that provides an extremely low-cost and effective solution for fluoride measurement for water treatment facilities and the control of the fluoridation process.

State-of-the-Art Fluoride System for:

  • Fluoridation in potable water municipal plants
  • Compliance measurements for fluoride discharge levels from industrial processes

The industrial fluoride analyser system includes:

  • Easy-to-use colour touchscreen analyser
  • Datalogging, email alerts & remote access
  • Minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • Solid-state technology, no use of reagents
  • Smart Sensor Technology
  • Stable Measurement


Additional Features

  • Powerful and Intuitive HMI
  • 2x4-20mA output, Modbus TCP out, 4x relays
  • DSS Smart Sensors allow for offline/remote calibration
  • Quick Connect fittings for plug-n-play connectivity
  • Compatible with Handheld Field Communicator
  • Free Windows software to interface with analyser and sensor

The UltraTough Fluoride-N System utilises a powerful colour touchscreen analyser. The intuitive HMI allows users to access dozens of sensor parameters, calibration information, diagnostics, and event and data logging, providing a user-friendly interface for easy management of sensors, data and control systems. ISE DSS sensors and DSS Smart Touchscreen Controller The analyser interfaces with industrial networks utilising the latest industry protocols (Modbus over Ethernet) as well as analogue outputs (4-20mA) and relays, providing a highly sophisticated platform for remote monitoring and control.

Turtle Tough provides freeware VNC software that allows users remote access to the analyser. This software is a virtual replicator of the user interface from any connected PC and users can access and operate the unit remotely. The 32GB data storage within the unit can be accessed locally by removing the 32GB USB thumb drive or remotely via FTP protocol.

The UltraTough Fluoride-N sensor utilises our DSS Smart Sensor technology. This means that the sensor has onboard memory and processing technology capable of storing and outputting a wide range of data. The sensor is fitted with quick-connect plugs, eliminating the need for hardwiring and allowing the sensor to be directly plugged into the external socket on the analyser with minimal effort.

Smart Sensor technology allows the sensor to be calibrated offline with the use of our Handheld Field Communicator or Windows PC Software. This allows operators to perform maintenance and calibration in the workshop or laboratory, as the sensors are capable of storing calibration information without being connected to the control head.

By utilising two sensors in service, operators can interchange (hot-swap) sensors between service intervals. This is arguably the most efficient way to operate the system, allowing sensors to be properly cleaned and conditioned between service intervals which provides optimal performance and stability for the system. For systems in remote locations, it is very convenient to be able to swap out the in-service sensor in seconds with a freshly cleaned and calibrated replacement sensor.

Convenient installation methods for easy removal and maintenance

  • Twist Lock bayonet-style quick connect
  • Sanitary inline with tri-clover clamp
  • Hot Tap Inline
  • Inline low-flow assembly

Remote Monitoring and Control (VNC)

Turtle Tough's Smart Touchscreen Controller comes with a built-in VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server. The VNC server allows the HMI to be remotely monitored from a number of devices including personal computers (PC), tablets, and mobile phones (any other smart device with VNC client capability). Any third-party VNC viewer client can log into the HMI to see and control exactly what's shown on the HMI screen. Configurable options on the HMI include: setting a password, enabling monitor mode (view only - no control), allow single connection or multiple connections. Remote control of the HMI means remote control of the PLCs and controllers that command the automation process. Monitoring your automation process from a remote location has never been easier and offers many process control benefits.

Note: HMI IP address required for VNC access. VNC client applications for many different platforms are available online.


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