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TOUGH Hot Tap Assembly TOUGH Hot Tap Assembly
TOUGH Hot Tap Assembly

TOUGH - Hot Tap Assembly


 The Turtle Tough TOUGH Series hot tap valve retractable assembly allows fast and easy insertion and removal of sensors directly into process tanks or pipes at pressures of up to 100 PSIG.

  • Safely insert or remove sensors live from the process
  • Provides safe isolation and retraction of the sensor
  • Standard materials of construction 316 Stainless steel 
  • Drain valve for pressure and liquid release
  • 2" Configuration Standard (1.5" Optional) 

The Turtle Tough TOUGH Series hot tap assembly is used in hundreds of sites worldwide to allow for fast and convenient access to sensors without interrupting the process. The hot tap assembly is designed to work with any Turtle Tough hot tap inline sensors, that feature the part number (SAN), indicating the inline sanitary sensor style.  This double wall thickness sensor with the temperature compensation located in the tip is specially designed to work with either the standard 2" ball valve assembly or the optional 1.5" configuration.  The hot tap assembly consists of 3 main components:

  1. The main body consists of a ball valve with an adjacent retractable chamber with a drain valve
  2. Insertion rod and sensor holder assembly
  3. Mating fittings that provide sealing at each end of the assembly

Main Body Assembly

  • Safely operate at pressures up to 100 PSIG
  • Standard 2" assembly designed for viscous slurries and process media (1.5" optional)
  • Front end mating thread 2" MNPT (flange optional)
  • Drain valve to flush the retractable chamber or release pressure 
  • Supports the use of any Turtle Tough Sanitary Inline (SAN) sensor body type with 3/4" rear end threads 
  • Standard material of construction 316 SS.

Insertion Rod and Sensor holder 

  • Rod diameter: 1" diameter insertion tube with 3/4" Female NPT thread for sensor mounting 
  • Rod length: 900mm standard length. Optional: 1200mm, 1500mm
  • 1 1/4"x1.00" step down for BLOWOUT PROTECTION (fundamental safety feature) 
  • Standard material of construction 316 SS

Mating Fittings

  • Stainless Steel Compression Fitting and 1 1/4" to 1" reducing bush (rear-end fitment)    

Note: these items are integral parts of the complete hot tap assembly. They are listed separately as they can suffer from wear and tear and require periodic replacement. 


Optional Mating Fittings

  • Flange for process side mating connection. For those requiring a flange for process side connection, this can be supplied. Must be specified at the time of order (POA)


Please review all Turtle Tough guidelines about installation recommendations.  Many sensors (particularly pH) are position sensitive and need to be installed at the appropriate angle. Never exceed the stated specifications or physical limits of either the sensor or the hardware, and always apply the lowest limit rating as the maximum threshold. This assembly is not to be used with any 3rd party equipment. 



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