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Insertion Rod with Compression Fitting and Inline Sensor Retrofit Hot Tap Assembly for pH and ORP Sensors Insertion Rod with Compression Fitting and Inline Sensor Compression Fitting Slide Compression Fitting in the Insertion Rod
Insertion Rod with Compression Fitting and Inline Sensor

Retrofit Hot Tap Assembly


The Retrofit Hot Tap Assembly allows you to turn almost any existing ball valve into a hot tap assembly. This insertion rod type assembly houses a sensor internally, allowing full retraction past an existing ball valve. A compression fitting provides the requisite sealing and allows the operator to choose a variable depth of insertion. This is ideal for light duty applications and can avoid having to replace an existing ball valve with a complete hot tap assembly.     

The Retrofit Hot Tap assembly is a specially designed insertion rod that allows a sensor to be installed and retracted through a single ball valve without the need for a major refit. Unlike a standard insertion rod, that features the sensor mounted on the end, the retrofit hot tap insertion rod is designed to accomodate the sensor internally, providing virtually zero clearance to be retracted through a standard ball valve. Utilising a 1.25 inch MNPT threaded compression fitting combined with a unique blow out protection rim fitted to the very tip of the rod, this design allows you to bolt the complete assembly straight up to an existing ball valve with little or no modificaiton.  

This retrofit hot tap assembly is designed to interface with full port ball valves of 1.5 or 2.0 inch.   You will require either 1.5"X1.25" or 2"X1.25" reducer to interface with the compression fitting.


  • Internal valve clearance may vary from one brand to the next, so it is important to ensure you have sufficient clearance prior to closing the valve otherwise damage may result to the sensor.
  • The blowout ring at the front of the sensor holder ensures the assembly won’t fly out past compression fitting upon release. Unthreading the fitting will then allow full removal of the sensor.
  • It should be noted that this is primarily suitable for light duty applications. Unlike the complete hot tap assembly, the retrofit assembly does not have the ability to vent or purge the process solution upon retraction. As such, it may not be safe or practical for all installation types and care should be taken when choosing this option. 



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