5M Drop Tube for in-tank submersion 5M Drop Tube for in-tank submersion 5M Drop Tube for in-tank submersion

5M Drop Tube for in-tank submersion


Turtle Tough Drop Tube is an excellent alternative to in-tank immersion rods for applications that require submersion depths greater than 3 metres.

  • Excellent alternative to heavy and impractical immersion rods
  • Improves the ease of retrieving sensors for cleaning & calibration
  • Improves operator safety
  • Acts as a guide-tube holding the sensor in the preferred measurement location
  • Allows for much shorter cable runs on the sensor
  • Ideal for tank mounting

Stainless Steel immersion rods are ideal for applications up to 3m in depth, however, beyond this length, they become too heavy, dangerous and difficult to manage for a single operator.

Turtle Tough Drop Tube allows a sensor to be "dropped" directly in-tank without any attachment. It is recommended that only sensors with back-end cable protection (-SWP option) be used in this application to provide the required cable strength for retrieving the sensor from the tube.

The guide tube holds the sensor in position at the desired depth (standard depth is 5m) and does not allow the sensor to drift aimlessly in the process at the risk of getting caught on agitators or internal tank components.

This design saves having to lift the immersion rod from the tank and allows for much shorter cable runs on the sensor. Cleaning and calibrate by just pulling the sensor up from the tube.

No winching of the immersion rod out of the tank is necessary, as the drop tube significantly improves the ease, safety and time spent on the cleaning and calibration of the sensor with the sensor at hand.

Several elements must be taken into account to ensure sensor compatibility with your application like sensor cable length, sensor design i.e. waterproofing back-end type and length of PCV hose at the end of the sensor.


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TurtleTough TT MA RH 

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