Black i2 Liquid Analyser


The Black i2 Liquid Analyser provides an unprecedented level of quality and functionality. Supported by a powerful and intuitive user interface the BLACK i2 analyser is capable of supporting up to 2 sensor inputs, 4 relays,digital & analogue outputs.

  • Powerful and intuitive user interface
  • Analogue 4-20mA Output or Digital Modbus and Profibus
  • Supports up to 2 sensor inputs
  • PID Control, supports up to 4 relays
  • Data acquisition, control and reporting capabilities
  • IP Rated 65

The Turtle Tough BLACK series analysers provide an unprecedented level of quality and functionality. Supported by a powerful and intuitive user interface the BLACK series is capable of impressive data-logging, event logging, PID control, digital & analogue outputs, text and email alerts as well as remote access via the internet. The Black Series analysers support a white range of Turtle Tough Sensors including our industry-leading pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Free and Total Chlorine. Other measurements include Turbidity, Biofilm, Polymer and Turbidity. The large multi-parameter display is completely user customisable and is cleverly designed to communicate the most important information at a glance. Customer logs and graphs can be displayed on the front screen, while the most important measurement parameters are displayed in extra-large fonts that are easily readable by operators.

The Black Series analyser is a modular system giving it extraordinary versatility. Each measurement (sensor input), output, data acquisition and control capability can be obtained by simply plugging a module into an available slot on the mainboard. This allows for virtually limitless configurations and provides excellent longevity as the analyser can be re-purposed or have its capabilities expanded at any point in time.

Turtle Tough Black i2 Liquid Analyser Features

What makes the Turtle Tough BLACK Series analysers truly unique is the data acquisition, control and reporting capabilities. Both the i2 and i4 models support an impressive suite of optional communication protocols allowing Profibus, Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and others.

The low cost, high-quality BLACK i2 analyser has the capability to input up to 2 sensors of any type and is equipped with analogue outputs and relays as standard. PID control is optional, as well as isolated universal inputs and outputs.

 Black i2Black i4
Setup wizard
Enclosure IP Rated 65 IP Rated 65
System Logger
Data Logger  
Event logger  
Max no of sensors 2 4
Analogue output (V & mA)
Isolated universal inputs & outputs O
Max no. of relays 4 8
AC & DC versions
Integrated modem & text alarms   O
Remote internet access GSM/GPRS   O
Remote access LAN   O
Profibus O O
Modbus ASCII/RTU serial O O
Modbus TCP (LAN enabled) O O
Multiline display
Colour screen
Onscreen graphical reporting  


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