DSS 200 Optical Analyser DSS 200 Optical Analyser

DSS 200 Optical Analyser

  • Monitor Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity NTU, Suspended Solid, Sludge Blanket turbidity
  • Digital communication technology for extremely reliable measurements without any interference.
  • Four digital sensor inputs
  • Two 4-20 mA outputs, 2 relay outputs
  • Modbus RTU output
  • Wide range of sturdy and smart sensors

Turtle Tough’s new TT-DSS200 Optical Analyser connects four digital sensors to monitor:

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • (by optical channel)
  • Turbidity (NTU)
  • Suspended Solid (g/L)
  • Sludge Blanket Turbidity (%)


  • Wastewater treatment (aeration basins to monitor/control nitrification/denitrification processes)
  • Drinking water (raw water testing)
  • Sewerage networks
  • Treatment of industrial effluents (discharge testing, control, etc.)
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Fish farming, etc.

The measured values are displayed and transferred by analog or digital means. The preconfigured regulatory functions optimize process control.

The TT-DSS200 Optical Analyser is related to a wide range of perturbation-resistant digital sensors: pre-amplification built into the sensor and digital processing of signals.

Digital "smart" Optical Sensors

All data regarding calibration, logs, users and measurements are processed directly in the sensor allowing for extremely reliable and traceable measurements.


TurtleTough TT MA RH 

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Interface Hardware

TurtleTough TT MA RH 

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