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6088 Smart Digital Sensor Controller

6088 Digital Smart Sensor Controller


Turtle Tough’s 6088 Smart Digital Controller for pH, ORP and Dissolved Oxygen display a wide range of variables for up to 4 Smart Sensors. 

Available in 1, 2 and 4 channel configurations.

  • Ready-to-mount NEMA 4X Box & Connectors
  • Read the sensors directly, or display MODBUS variables being polled by a remote Modbus master
  • Each controller includes an Isolated, scalable and reversible 4-20mA output and 4 each programmable contact relays
  • 12-24 VDC or 100-240 VAC line-powered systems
  • Provides Power for the Smart Sensors
  • Can display up to 16 variables sent by a Smart Sensor



The 6088 Digital Smart Sensor Controller can easily connect to a Digital Smart Sensor with an integral NEMA 6P waterproof quick connector to read the sensors directly or alternatively, display Modbus variables being polled by a remote Modbus master device.


Turtle Tough’s TT-DSS-6088 NEMA 4X pH, ORP & Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter and Controller Systems are a line of high durability Smart Modbus RTU pH, ORP & D.O. sensors combined with an easy-to connect controller. The System can display a wide range of Smart sensors variables, and is available in one, two, or four sensor packages. The one and two sensor packages include a controller for each sensor. The four-sensor package includes one controller that displays the pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature reading of each sensor. These systems come preassembled and factory calibrated for easy and fast field installation. The Smart Modbus RTU sensors are designed specifically for tough industrial applications and can work in wet/dry environments, with slurries and other abrasive materials, and have low-profile glass to protect the sensor from damage.

One Handheld calibrator is required to recalibrate and test the pH, ORP and Dissolved Oxygen Digital Smart Sensors. The battery powered Handheld Communicator is easy to carry to the location of any sensor for quick troubleshooting or calibration checks.

Process Variables:

  1. Process Value (pH/ORP)
  2. Process Temperature °C
  3. Absolute Raw mV
  4. Total Time in Use (Days)
  5. Sensor Item Number
  6. A.P. / mV Offset Calibration\
  7. Days Since mV Offset Cal
  8. Acid Slope Cal*
  9. Days since Acid Slope Cal*
  10. Alkaline (Base) Slope Cal*
  11. Days since Base Slope Cal*
  12. Year of Manufacture
  13. Month of Manufacture
  14. Software Revision
  15. Min Temp in Use (°C)
  16. Max Temp in Use (°C)


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