Smart Touchscreen Controller DSS Smart Touchscreen Controller
Smart Touchscreen Controller

DSS Smart Touchscreen Controller


A Multi-Channel, Multi-parameter Analyser that accepts any combination of Turtle Tough Direct Smart Sensors for either pH, ORP and Dissolved Oxygen.

  • Auto-recognition of Direct Smart Sensors allows for hot-swapping of sensors
  • Auto calibration and adjust calibration remotely
  • Available in 2,3 and 6-channel configuration
  • Remote access and email notification
  • NEMA 4X rated ready for wall or pipe mounting
  • CE, CSA and UL approvals for use in non-hazardous areas. Class I, Division II hazardous locations

Compatible with a Hot-Swap sensor maintenance regime


SpecificationsPlease view the product brochure to find out about the technical specifications. 

DSS Smart Touchscreen Controller
Turtle Tough’s DSS Smart Touchscreen Controller provides an unprecedented level of data management and connectivity with modern industrial networks. Driven by a powerful PLC, our factory-programmed HMIs provide a user-friendly interface that allows for easy management of sensors, data, and control systems. The intuitive touchscreen interface allows users to access dozens of sensor parameters, calibration information, diagnostics, events and data logging. The analyser can simultaneously connect with any combination of Turtle Tough’s pH, ORP or DO Direct Smart Sensors (DSS) and seamlessly interfaces with industrial networks utilising the latest industry protocols (Modbus over Ethernet) providing a highly sophisticated platform for remote monitoring and control.


Multi-Channel, Multi-parameter Analyser
Available in two, three and six-channel configurations. Accepts any combination of Turtle Tough Direct Smart Sensors: pH, ORP and Dissolved Oxygen.

SMART Sensor Technology
Turtle Tough gives you the option of a propriety digital signal or an open-source Modbus RTU signal that is universally accepted. 
No hardwiring and instant sensor recognition permits hot-swapping of sensors for quick maintenance and changeover. To find out more about the benefits of our Smart technology go to turtletoughsensors.com/sensortechnology

Large touchscreen displays
Provides easy-to-read information and intuitive finger-touch operation. Comprehensive sensor management is achieved by interfacing Direct Smart Sensor technology with powerful PLC-based programming to access dozens of sensor parameters.

Comprehensive Outputs
Include analogue outputs (4-20mA), relay outputs with high and low setpoints for each channel with time delay, and digital output (Modbus over TCP).

32GB Datalogging capacity
Record all process values, analytics and critical events email notifications – for all logged events

Remote Monitoring and Control (VNC)
Turtle Tough Smart Touchscreen Analysers come with a built-in VNC (Virtual Network Computing) server. The VNC server allows the HMI to be remotely monitored from a number of devices including personal computers (PC), tablets, and mobile phones (any other smart device with VNC client capability). Any third-party VNC viewer client can log into the HMI to see and control exactly what's shown on the HMI screen. Configurable options on the HMI include: setting a password, enabling monitor mode (view only - no control), allow single connection or multiple connections. Remote control of the HMI means remote control of the PLCs and controllers that command the automation process. Monitoring your automation process from a remote location has never been easier and offers many process control benefits.

Note: HMI IP address required for VNC access. VNC client applications for many different platforms are available online.

Calibrate sensors remotely or offline with Free windows calibration software or with our convenient Handheld Field Communicator (sold separately)



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