TT-MA-CON Conductivity Analyser


The TT-MA-CON Analyser modules have been designed specifically to interface with our extreme Turtle Tough conductivity sensors to provide the maximum possible service life to the sensor. The unique modular design enables you to create a fully functional, multi-parameter analyser with any combination of different TT-MA analytical modules.

  • Simple, easy to use 3 button interface
  • Bright LED display visible in direct sunlight
  • Zero calibration for true zero reading with sensor in air
  • Analogue 4-20mA and digital Modbus outputs
  • Combine with other measurement modules: pH/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Ion Selective
  • Combine with other function modules: Data Logging, Temperature, Alarm & Relay Controller, Total ISE pH Compensation

The TT-MA-CON Analyser Module has been designed specifically to support the high-performance features of our world-leading sensors. Don’t be fooled by the compact size as these little modules are a fully capable analyser. The ability to plug and play a variety of expansion modules creates a powerful array of analysing hardware.

The TT-MA Conductivity analyser supports a wide range of cell constants, from K=0.005/cm all the way up to K=34.0/cm and anywhere in between. The analyser conductivity range for the selected cell constant is optimized for your application to obtain best resolution and performance and will support low ranges down to 0-5 microSiemens for very clean water RO type samples and all the way up to 0-1,000 milliSiemens as required for strong acids, bases and electrolyte solutions.

The TT-MA-CON Analyser modules have the following features:

  • Scale 4-20mA analogue output is standard for all measurement modules. Active 4-20mA can support remote external displays to allow for viewing measured values in control panels, secondary field locations, or instrumentation shops.
  • Modbus digital output optional.
  • Zero calibration for true 0.00 reading with sensor dry in air
  • Precise and wide-range gain calibration allows for effective (a.k.a. apparent) cell constant to be /- 70% of the nominal sensor value
  • Automatic correction for the resistance and capacitance contribution of the cable length to the measurement for sensor wire gauge and distance.
  • Economical Custom Configurations offer the freedom to pay only for the specific modules you need; data logging or relays.
  • Easy to use simple and intuitive three-button operation with no complex codes to memorize for most day-to-day tasks.
  • Easy to read displays with bright three-digit LED displays are visible even in bright sunlight and do not suffer from the common problems associated with LCD displays, such as environmental fatigue and wear.
  • Weatherproof NEMA 4X CSA/UL rated & IP65 enclosures include high quality sealing cable glands that are ideal for weatherproof sealing on sensor, power, and output cables.
  • Power supply is CSA/UL/CE approved universal 100 to 240 VAC 50/60 Hz power supply module for line powered operation, or 3-wire 24VDC powered operation.

The TT-MA analysers’ modular design gives the flexibility to modify and extend existing installations, with alarms and relays for control as well as data logging. You can create a full multi-parameter analyser with any combination of different analytical modules. The simple user interface allows for full control of all analyser features from just three buttons, making operation easy and conserving space.

The TT-MA analyser family are the most economical full feature industrial analysers available in the marketplace, often at a fraction of the cost of other analysers.


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