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Digital Smart 6000 Analyser Series

Digital Smart 6000 Analyser Series


The Digital Smart 6000 Series of analysers for pH/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, ConductivityTurbidity and Total Suspended Solids, ensures measurement accuracy.



The Digital Smart 6000 analysers analyser is an analytical instrument designed to control and monitor water quality from waterworks, municipal pipeline network, industrial process water quality monitoring, circulating cooling water, activated carbon filtereffluent, membrane filtration effluent, etc. especially in the treatment of municipal sewage or industrial wastewater.

The analyser must be ordered specifically for each measurement: pH/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Turbidity or Total Suspended Solids.


  • Directly integrates with Turtle Tough’s Smart Digital DSS2 Sensors
  • Communication: MODBUS RTU (RS-485)
  • Real-time online recording of MLSS/SS, temperature data and curves
  • Multiple automatic calibration function
  • Manual and automatic temperature compensation
  • Three-relay control switches
  • High & low alarm and hysteresis control
  • 4-20mA & RS485, Multiple output modes
  • 4.3” Large colour LCD display
  • Smart menu operation
  • Multi-parameter display
  • Password protection function to prevent mis operation 
  • Waterproof and dustproof. Resists harsh environments
  • Panel, wall and pipe installation options


For each measurement specifications please refer to the brochure.


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Interface Hardware

TurtleTough TT MA RH 

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