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UPT - Ultra Low Power Timer


The special ultralow-power timer (UPT) allows for a portable and affordable pair of rechargeable 12V sealed lead acid (SLA or AGM) 12AH rated batteries to run for over 3 months in a typical single channel measurement and data logging setup. 

  • Ultra-low power consumption 0.4mA @ 24VDC
  • Ideal for remote applications running of battery power
  • Obtain up to 12 months run time of 12AH battery
  • Din Rail Mount alongside TT-MA(D) Analysers
  • 12AH, 24V Lead Acid Battery System (optional)
    • Unlimited supply capacity options

The main features of the UPT are a user configurable "On" time and "Off" time with an extremely low power consumption of 0.4mA @ 24VDC. This is 10 to 20 times lower than most commercially available pull timers. The wide range of programmable "On" times from 30 seconds to 300 seconds (5 minutes) and "Off" times from 4 minutes to 120 minutes allows for a very wide range of desired intermittent sampling frequencies to be supported by the UPT module.

The TT-MA(D) transmitter equipped with a TT-MA-DAT field MODBUS data logger module which can be powered on & off at will for the seamless recording of data with intermittent power operation.

The boot time for TT-MA(D) modules is only one second allowing for a near instantaneous power up and power down, minimizing power consumption for this type of intermittent use. There is a 15-second programmable delay from boot on the TT-MA-MODBUS datalogger to ignore any non-representative pH and temperature values while the time averaging scheme come to the final equilibrium value. The default time averaging period is 10 seconds but is changeable upon request.

In addition, for the duration of time that the units are energized the power consumption for each TT-MA(D) module is only slightly greater than 1 watt. This is extremely low power consumption for a field transmitter interfacing a heavy-duty industrial grade sensor. In contrast, other transmitters capable of interfacing industrial grade sensors typically have power consumptions of 12 watts or more and with a boot time of anywhere between 10 to 60 seconds both of which make them unsuitable for this type of intermittent remote battery-powered use.


*Single Channel Remote pH & Temperature Measurement & Datalogging System

Continuous Not Used Not Used 360 4
Max Sampling 4 Minutes (Min) 30 seconds (Min) 26 35
High Sampling 7.5 minutes 30 seconds (Min) 16 56
High Sampling 15 minutes 60 seconds 20 56
Low Sampling 15 minutes 30 seconds (Min) 8 108
Low Sampling 30 minutes 60 seconds 10 108
Max Longevity 120 minutes (Max) 30 seconds (Min) 0.5 487
Mechanical & DimensionalElectrical & Function
Mounting 35mm DIN-RAIL Supply Voltage 24VDC
Terminals Max wire cross section 1.5 mm2

Max torque 0.2 Nm

Supply Current 0.4mA average
Temperature Usage -20 to 40°C Relay Type Bistable (for super low current use)
Dimensions D 44 x W 73 x H 93 mm Relay Contact 1 each "NO" (Type A, normally open)
Off Time From 4 to 120 minutes adjustable with P3

~280 seconds per turn (~28 second resolution)

Max Load 1.0A @ 30VDC (Resistive)
On Time From 30 to 300 seconds adjustable with P2

~11 seconds per turn (~1 second resolution)

Runtime with 12AH rated lead acid battery 35 days @ 30 sec On / 4 min Off

108 days @ 30 sec On / 15 min Off

487 days @ 30 sec On / 120 min Off

*Data based on 2 modules connected

Time Adjustment Accomplished using 25 turn potentiometer taken in at 256 steps (~10 steps per turn).

Far right is min & far left is max setting



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