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Turtle Tough Intelligent Series Press Release

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Turtle Tough are proud to announce the release of the Intelligent Series thermal imaging cameras. Specifically built with ruggedness in mind to withstand tough industrial environments this range of thermal imagers uses the very latest in android technology to offer a highly evolved and intelligent user interface.

Director of Turtle Tough and industry leading thermographer, Brenton Ward had this to say:“We decided to call this our intelligent series because it utilises an open source android operating system. By leveraging this well known, highly developed system, we have tapped into an incredible resource that would have been impossible to develop in-house. Not only do we have a platform with huge functionality, but one with a very short learning curve for users. Icons, menus, gestures and navigation are all what you would expect from your smart phone.” The supporting technology allows seamless integration into computer networks and smart devices, simplifying data management and information sharing like never before.

The high resolution VOx detectors produce stunningly crisp thermal images with low noise thanks to excellent thermal sensitivity across the whole range. 

The combination of the two creates a formidable thermal imager for plant maintenance, process monitoring, electrical inspections, or building envelope inspections. A high quality visual image with built in illuminator ensures clear images in adverse conditions, enabling operators to document and communicate their findings accurately and professionally.

“When developing this unit we had a vision to deliver professional grade quality that was user friendly. Unfortunately high functionality rarely equates to simple, so this was a real challenge. Our users are typically experts and professionals who are looking for more than just a point and shoot camera. This operating system has allowed us to provide a comprehensive suite of functions that are logical and intuitive throughout the entire survey process.”

Tam Pilkington
Director of Marketing