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pH & ORP Sensor for Uranium


The Turtle Tough Uranium pH & ORP sensor has evolved over a period of more than a decade in one of Australia’s largest Uranium Mines. Continuous improvement of the design has seen the sensor outlast and outperform ALL competitors.

  • Available as a TOUGH analogue or Smart digital sensor
  • RADEL with Double O-Ring Front End & 3/4" MNPT Back Eend
  • Acid/Fluoride and Sulphide Resistant
  • 0 to 14 pH Range
  • -5°C to 105°C (-35°C To 150°C Optional)
  • Immersible, Submersible if threaded on sealed immersion rod with sufficient sealing tape

In this most recent design the sensor has been given a double thickness RADEL body and Ultra Tough Glass option (non-standard) to withstand high-velocity slurries and harsh cleaning regimes and special sealants to resist solvent and dissolved gases attacks. The all-purpose body design allows this sensor to be used for immersion, submersion and hot-tap (valve retractable) applications. This sensor continues to provide unparalleled performance and service life in this demanding application earning it the respected title of being the best in the industry.

The principle application here is leaching with sulphuric acid, which requires precise electrochemical control of a number of reagents. Accordingly, our fast response TC is utilised to improve calibration accuracy and sensor response during calibration. It is also ideally position should the sensor be used in a hot-tap configuration.

Our retractable pH Sensor is uniquely designed to interface with our hot-tap insertion valve retractable assembly. For this application, the modified hot-tap assembly includes a cross-flow dual port purge flush assembly allowing the sensor to be flushed with hot water on removal. This allows for safe and clean removal from the?process dual-port-purge-flushunder pressure.

Our hot-tap assemblies are a common feature in industries where direct access to the process is required inline or in-tank without interruption to service. The RADEL body plastics provide superior resilience to physical impact and high abrasion, while the high capacity KYNAR reference provides both chemical resistance and temperate resistance to 105°C with a high-temperature option up to 150°C. Utilising our proprietary toughened glass the sensor is ideal for abrasive media as well as being capable of resisting acids or fluorides that may chemically attack the glass.

Digital Sensor Technology (-D)

This sensor is available with our digital smart sensor technology. This plug and play sensor has a quick connect fitting, eliminating the need for hard wiring to the analyser. Onboard sensor memory allows the storage of calibration data, analyser configurations and sensor service history. This allows the sensor to be conveniently maintained and calibrated off-site or in the laboratory and pre-programmed with calibration data and analyser configurations. This stored information automatically uploads to the analyser upon connection and eliminates the need for any interaction with the analyser, greatly simplifying the change-out of sensors. A service log stored on the sensors is ideal for maintenance and quality assurance records.

  • 7.5m (Analogue) / 6m (Digital)
  • Triple Junction
  • Hot-tap insertion valve retractable assembly (up to 150 psi); or
  • Sanitary assembly and tri clover fitting (up to 100 psi)\
  • Fast Response TC for calibration accuracy
  • Teflon Silicon Sealing (Optional)
  • Slurry Resistant (High Abrasion)
  • High Capacity KYNAR Reference
  • Proprietary toughened glass (Ultra Tough optional)
  • Digital Sensor Technology (-D) (optional)
    • No hard wiring - plug-n-play connectivity
    • Sensor stores calibration data, analyser configuration and sensor history
    • Hot-swap for quick sensor change-out
    • No interaction with analyser - sensor data auto uploads


TurtleTough TT MA RH 

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Interface Hardware

TurtleTough TT MA RH 

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