GP4 Twist lock pH & ORP Sensor


The GP4 Twist Lock pH & ORP Sensor uniquely designed to interface with our twist lock receptacle for easy insertion or removal from any inline process.

The standard KYNAR fitting is rated to 50 psi, while the PEEK twist lock receptacle is capable of withstanding 100 psi. A simple one-half turn is enough to engage the sensor in or out of the process line, eliminating the need to screw-in a threaded connection. This avoids the time-consuming process of a threaded connection, as well as the twisting and twirling of cables that often result in broken connections.

The RYTON body plastics combined with our advanced high capacity Polypropylene reference are designed for chemical resistance, including sulphides. Utilising our proprietary toughened glass the sensor is ideal for slurries and abrasive media as well as being capable of resisting acids or fluorides that may chemically attack the glass.

The 1" twist lock x 1" MNPT threaded connections allow for both immersion and submersion. With appropriate sealing onto an immersion rod, the sensor may also be fully submerged without the requirement of additional sealing. Both body plastics and advanced reference system give this sensor an excellent operating range up to 105°C.

This sensor is ideal for any applications where process media containing free sulphide species such as hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S), hydrogen sulphide (HS-) or sulphide ions (S2-). Any measurement where aggressive chemical cleaning is needed to remove fouling or low maintenance operation is required with minimal cleaning and recalibration.

Digital Sensor Technology (-D)

This sensor is available with our digital smart sensor technology. This plug and play sensor has a quick connect fitting, eliminating the need for hard wiring to the analyser. Onboard sensor memory allows the storage of calibration data, analyser configurations and sensor service history. This allows the sensor to be conveniently maintained and calibrated off-site or in the laboratory and pre-programmed with calibration data and analyser configurations. This stored information automatically uploads to the analyser upon connection and eliminates the need for any interaction with the analyser, greatly simplifying the change-out of sensors. A service log stored on the sensors is ideal for maintenance and quality assurance records.

  • 6m Cable (Analogue & Digital)
  • RYTON with 1" Twist Lock Front End & 1" MNPT Back End
  • Pressure resistance to 50 or 100 psi
  • Fast Response TC for calibration accuracy
  • Slurry & Sulphide Resistant
  • Proprietary toughened glass
  • Digital Sensor Technology (-D) (optional)
    • No hard wiring - plug-n-play connectivity
    • Sensor stores calibration data, analyser configuration and sensor history
    • Hot-swap for quick sensor change-out
    • No interaction with analyser - sensor data auto uploads


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