Who is Turtle Tough, why haven’t I heard of them before?

Our factory has been making sensors for more than 30 years. We are a specialist manufacturer that hand make sensors for tough applications.  This boutique approach does not lend itself to the mass market approach of the bigger manufacturers. While we may not be as well recognised as some of the international brands, our sensors have found their way into some of the biggest plants and chemical processing facilities on the planet. Take a look at our references

Why buy Turtle Tough?
Why is Turtle Tough so different from the major manufacturers?
Why can’t I have ALL these things in ONE sensor?
Do I need to replace my existing transmitter? Or Will a Turtle Tough Sensor work with my existing hardware
Why is it better to use a Turtle Tough TX than my OEM Transmitter?
How can you say Turtle Tough sensors will SAVE MONEY when they are more expensive that my OEM sensor?
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How often do I need to clean and calibrate my sensor?