pH sensors in gold processing

Sensors can drift by as much as 1 pH unit between calibrations, or more…

The effect of pH on gold extraction. Condition: 20% solid, 0.6 MPa,
300 min-1, 80°C, 1% NaCN, 1 h (Parga et al., 2007)

Sensor drift directly affects…

Production Output

The extraction output can drop from 97%-93% when pH level increases by 0.75

Sensor drift directly affects…

Cyanide Consumption

Cyanide consumption can drop by over 50% as pH level increases from 10 to 11.

Effect of pH on cyanide consumption (Ling et al., 1996).
Note* The optimum pH for leaching should be derived independently for each ore type and
leaching System (Marsden and House, 1992).

Sensor drift directly affects…

Health & Safety

As the pH decreases from 11 to 10, the % formation of HCN increases from 0 to over 10%.

TurtleTough charts pursuing stable ph measurement

Pursuing stable pH measurement is an expensive process

  • Labour Costs:
    • Cleaning & Maintenance
    • Calibration
    • Replacing O-rings and seals
    • Switching out broken & aged sensors
    • Gel or electrolyte replenishment
  • Component Costs:
    • Components
    • Consumables
    • New sensors when breakages or deterioration occurs

Costs directly associated with pH sensor drift:

  • Lost production output
  • Increased chemical agent consumption
  • Health and Safety of employees

Turtle Tough Sensors provide Maximum Longevity in Gold Cyanidation

This chart is based on data collected by our customers, over many years. Sensor life
is process dependent and frequent scheduled cleaning is required.

Turtle Tough Sensors provide Maximum Stability in Gold Cyanidation

In gold processing, Turtle Tough customers experience pH sensor drift at a fraction of the rate of previously used sensors.

Turtle Tough pH Systems provide
the Lowest Cost of Ownership
through maximum sensor stability & longevity.

  • Optimised Production Output
  • Optimised chemical agent consumption
  • Health and safety concerns diminished
  • Labour costs reduced
  • Replenishment of consumables and replaceable components negated
  • Greatly reduced sensor replacement costs

pH Sensor for Gold

The TT-Au-pH pH Sensor for Gold is the result of more than 20 years experience in gold ore mining and refining processes. This sensor continues to provide unparalleled performance and service life in this demanding application earning it the respected title of being the best in the industry Learn more...