Case Studies

Case study: Wastewater Poultry Farm - pH | NSW

The challenge

A large chicken farm had an issue with pH sensor life. The OEM sensors were only lasting 1-2 weeks in the waste water treatment and water discharge monitoring locations.

The wastewater treatment required the pH to be lowered from pH 10 to pH 4 to precipitate the solids out. The pH then needs to be raised to between 7 and 10 at discharge to satisfy local environmental regulations.

The solution

By utilising a Turtle Tough sensor with Acid/Fluoride and Sulphide resistance, we were able to increase sensor life by up to 6 months which is at least 12 times the life of the sensors being used previously. We also utilised Ryton body plastics to greatly reduce the cost of replacement sensors.

The result

The sensor is coupled to Turtle Tough’s MA analyser, capable of handling high impedance, which ensures that sensors can be run to the very end of their useful service life and not rejected prematurely.