Case Studies

Case study: Nickel processing - pH | Ravensthorpe WA

The challenge

One of Australia’s largest nickel processing operators were having major problems with getting their pH sensors to last long enough to establish reliable measurement and control.

Due to the intense pressure associated with the high-pressure acid leach process, sensors were only lasting a couple of days. This rapid deterioration required a laborious calibration frequency and did not provide operators with a reliable or stable measurement.

The solution

With more than 20 years experience in nickel ore processing, we designed a Turtle Tough sensor specifically for pressure acid each.

The result

The pH measurements are now accurate and reliable, and the sensors require little maintenance compared to the previous sensors. They are lasting upwards of 5-10 times as long with far fewer maintenance requirements. This has not only reduced the cost of ownership but more importantly provided confidence in measurement and improved process control.