Case Studies

Case study: Gold Processing - pH | Telfer WA

The challenge

A major gold mining company was experiencing a very high turnover of pH sensors. After trying most of the major brands they were struggling to find one that worked.

Due to a highly complex gold and copper ore mixing process, the presence of sulfides and fluorides produced dissolved gasses that wreaked havoc on sensors, rendering most pH sensors unusable.

The solution

We supplied them with our proven Turtle Tough sensor for gold mining applications which they could interface to their existing Rosemount and Yokogawa analysers.

The result

Utilising our unique triple junction design, coupled with our acid/fluoride resistant glass and sulfide resistant junction we drastically reduced the dissolved gas attack, increased the resistance to high cyanidation and sulfides, while the overall tough construction of the sensor was able to withstand the fluctuating solids content at high velocity. For more than 10 years now Turtle Tough sensors have been experiencing more than 8-10 times the life span of the previous sensor.