We are obsessed with people… and we always want the right people on our team.

As a family business built on family principles, we value hard work, commitment and a dedication to excellence.  Achieving the business’ goals will be rewarded not only financially, but with our sincere love and gratitude as your contribution means you make life better for the whole team. In return, we hope that we can fulfill your goals by providing the kind of workplace that everyone dreams of… a place to call home.  We want you to belong, to be secure, to feel needed, and above all be respected for being the BEST person you can be.

Given how much time we spend with each other it’s important that we have an excellent working environment.  Hostility and negativity are quickly rejected.  Honesty, authenticity and doing you fair share is stock in trade.  A can-do attitude and a passion for excellence is common amongst all our staff. Going the extra mile is something that we all do.  If you want to enjoy going to work every day and work amongst friends then this is the place for you. If you have exceptional communication skills, have long-term ambitions, like job security and consider yourself to be an outstanding person then please submit your resume or send a 60-second video to  Subject: Recruit me to Turtle Tough.