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pH & ORP Sensor for Nickel


There is perhaps no other sensor that we are more famous for than our Turtle Tough Nickel pH & ORP Sensor which has been used in Nickel extraction and refining process (HPAL) for more than 20 years.

Ammonia injection and solvent extraction are two critical components of nickel extraction in process environments. Dissolved gas ingress into the sensing elements of pH sensors is a common cause of premature sensor failure. Solvent extraction also presents some unique challenges to pH measurement, as the presence of organic solvents will dissolve many common materials of construction while the small water volumes in the extraction process frequently present very extreme pH measurements.

The Turtle Tough Nickel pH & ORP Sensor utilises special body plastics and sealants to resist solvent attack and our sensing elements are protected from dissolved ammonia gas ingress through triple junction references and high impedance glass electrodes. Optionally, additional cable isolation can be added to provide more resistance to the electrical components of the sensors. The sensor is rated to above 150psi allowing the sensor to perform its task in high-pressure acid leach and solvent extraction environments. Turtle Tough have developed a range of mating interfaces, including immersion, submersion and hot-tap assemblies to ensure you can obtain your process measurement right where it is needed, rather than just settling on an easy access point.

Digital Sensor Technology (-D)

This sensor is available with our digital smart sensor technology. This plug and play sensor has a quick connect fitting, eliminating the need for hard wiring to the analyser. Onboard sensor memory allows the storage of calibration data, analyser configurations and sensor service history. This allows the sensor to be conveniently maintained and calibrated off-site or in the laboratory and pre-programmed with calibration data and analyser configurations. This stored information automatically uploads to the analyser upon connection and eliminates the need for any interaction with the analyser, greatly simplifying the change-out of sensors. A service log stored on the sensors is ideal for maintenance and quality assurance records.

  • 7.5m (Analogue) / 6m (Digital) Cable
  • RADEL with 3/4" Front End & 1" MNPT Back End
  • Fast Response TC for Calibration Accuracy
  • Triple Junction
  • Solvent Resistant
  • High Capacity KYNAR Reference
  • Proprietary Toughened Glass
  • Digital Sensor Technology (-D) (optional)
    • No hard wiring – plug-n-play connectivity
    • Sensor stores calibration data, analyser configuration and sensor history
    • Hot-swap for quick sensor change-out
    • No interaction with analyser – sensor data auto uploads


TurtleTough TT MA RH 

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Interface Hardware

TurtleTough TT MA RH 

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