Our Turtle Tough-ness. Tough on the outside, Sensitive on the inside.

Welcome to Turtle Tough, home of the world’s toughest pH and ORP sensors. Our sensors are recognized across the globe as being the best, most durable pH and ORP sensors that money can buy. 

If you have tried other mainstream brands with no success or if your sensors are negatively affecting your productivity, you have come to the right place.  Turtle Tough sensors are made for heavy-duty environments and are known for their custom attributes to suit specific applications.  We are experts in building  TOUGH sensors that improve process control, reduce sensor maintenance and outlast competitors in the toughest conditions.

When everything else has failed, it’s time to try the best.

Designed to meet your needs.

We understand your process has unique physical and chemical characteristics. That's why our sensors are individually handmade and customized. They can outlast and outperform any sensor, and that's what we are known for.

Advanced materials and technology. When you can only afford the best.

That is why we have created a premium product. Our sensors are manufactured with leading materials and state-of-the-art technology. They are the most durable, accurate, tough sensors you can invest in. We are proud to say our sensors save our customers millions of dollars in reduced reagent use and improved output yields. Our unique Smart technology reduces manpower requirements and provides superior data and sensor management. It has revolutionized the way we manage and communicate with sensors.

Truly unique pH/ORP Sensor Technology

Truly unique pH/ORP Sensor Technology

Turtle Tough utilize some of the world's leading materials and science technology. While our state-of-the-art solid state reference system is at the heart of ALL our pH and ORP sensors, it is our ability to combine specific materials in a way that is compatible with your process that gives us market leading performance and the ability to significantly outperform other products in your application.

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Smart Technology

Seriously different, next level Smart Technology

Turtle Tough's latest Smart Sensor technology has revolutionized the way we manage and communicate with sensors. Utilizing onboard microprocessors and memory, our Smart technology has transformed how we connect, manage maintenance, monitor performance, and manage data compared to our analogue predecessors.

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A system is more than just a tough sensor.

A successful measurement system requires more than just plugging in a sensor. Having intelligent communication and controls systems as well innovative ways to get the sensor into the process. All contribute to minimising the challenges that come with sensor measurement. Easy and reliable access to both the data and the sensor make for a complete measurement solution.

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Our range of Data Management systems.
Essentials to manage your data.

For most of our customers, the single most important aspect of pH and ORP sensor measurement is the data and what you can do with it. We are constantly developing hardware and software solutions to provide you with the very best in data management and system control solutions. From a simple local display to the latest in IOT cloud based remote management systems, we have a solution that is bound to impress. Click here to view our range.

Innovative, Clever Installation and Maintenance Solutions.

The foundation of any reliable measurement solution is utilizing the correct installation and hardware techniques. Not only does this provide stable and predictable measurement outcomes, but it also facilitates ease of access, for maintenance and calibration. At Turtle Tough we pride ourselves on going that extra mile to make sure you have the complete solution. We have developed a wide range of installation hardware to ensure our pH and ORP sensors can perform at their best, while making your job easier.

Click here to view a video of our innovative and clever installation methods.

The World’s Toughest pH Sensor. I’ve heard it all before!

Virtually all manufacturers make such claims, so we understand your skepticism at the chorus. We agree that most claims just do not stand up. We know this because we beat those sensors every day in actual plant trials. We urge you to take a closer look at both our sensor technology and the kinds of customers that use our pH and ORP sensors. You will quickly recognize that our claims are not hype and that we build for a specific clientele, to a level not seen in mainstream brands.

Honesty where it counts. Systems that are not for everybody.

At Turtle Tough, we are very specialized when it comes to pH and ORP measurement. This is not a mainstream product for just anyone looking for an alternative supply, but for those who are unable to get ordinary sensors to work properly in their application. If your application can be serviced by an ordinary sensor, or if your application is physically not achievable, we will let you know upfront. We do not like wasting our time, any more than yours.

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